Old fishing industry structures in the south are fascinating.  They are characterized by the wind, salt, and years of disuse giving them a unique and abandoned sort of appeal.

This is one of two iron bridges left in Hancock County, saved by Kay Binford and our county.  Going through the bridge seems to take you back in time and is an excellent destination for a Sunday afternoon bike ride.

Cathleen Huffman Watercolors

As part of Indiana's Bicentennial Celebration, I am delighted to have attained Legacy Project Status for my grain elevator work!  I will continue to search for historic grain elevators to photograph, sketch, and watercolor paint.  This project is sponsored by Greenfield Historic Landmarks and endorsed by Indiana Landmarks.  The collection currently contains over thirty paintings of Indiana's grain elevators, but that's not even half of the sites I've documented.  Please contact me if you have historic photos, stories, or know of an intact old Indiana elevator.  I am trying to capture them before they are gone.